Glitch is NOT a restaurant

Glitch is an adaptable space for food events hosted by the eccentric, self-taught, self-proclaimed punk rock chef, Isaiah Frizzell. This warehouse-like space serves as a blank canvas to support the wildly imaginative and ever changing themes dreamed up to create a fresh experience every time you visit.


a light at the bottom of the ocean

Take a journey under the waves to taste illuminating treats of the dark abyss.

This theme begins with diners arriving at the South entrance where they are greeted at sunset by a sandy beach illuminated by a bioluminescent tide and kelp forest. In the bar, guests are treated to fresh, frothy cocktails under the waves of the ocean before moving to the deep sea dining mezzanine. The darkness is illuminated with the suggested actions of bioluminescent deep sea creatures.


in the belly of the butterfly

The menu, inspired by the culinary journey of this magical insect as it transforms from caterpillar to butterfly nibbling on nectar, pollen, and dew.

Guests arrive at the west entrance and begin their journey sipping nectar and petal-infused cocktails. In the cozy dining mezzanine, they are surrounded by a cocoon as they enjoy a transformative 20-course tasting menu of delicate blossoms, pollens, and nectars. After dinner, the guests emerge from their dining cocoon to end their evening with dessert and herbal infusions in the lounge.