keeping time

Although my grandfather passed on before I was born, I feel a very real connection to him through the physical artifacts that have been passed down to me from my mother and grandmother. His artwork, photographs, glasses, and sketchbooks embody his creative nature.

With our lives mostly digitized today, what I will leave my children and grandchildren? What mementos will express my participation in the world?

safe keeping

Unlike a storage chest you might stumble upon in Grandma’s attic, Keep is a time capsule that functions for how we work today—on our laptop, plugged into a cloud—yet allows us to stay connected to what inspires us most: our history and experiences.

Keep is infused with these memories but it is not from the past. It is always in the present, allowing us to continually move forward without losing site of our history.

Like a travel journal, the leather gently folds over the carved out pockets. It safely holds mementos inside, latched down securely by straps that fasten to the desk legs.