SAFE AGUA Peru is a trans-disciplinary studio at Art Center College of Design in collaboration with Latin American NGO Un Techo Para Mi Pais with the support of a NCIIA Sustainable Vision Grant. The studio’s aim is to ideate and co-create with families living in Peru’s slums and to innovate design solutions to overcome water poverty. The project began with a ten-day intensive field research trip, where the team worked directly with families living without access to basic services—including running water and sanitation—in Cerro Verde, a 30,000-person slum perched on the hillsides surrounding Lima, Peru. Driven by field research, teams designed innovative water solutions and created full-scale working prototypes that are being tested by the community, and are working towards real world implementation. 

Vitamigos was designed as a result of these research findings.


Hands In The Mist directed by Erik Anderson